Cannabis and Hemp history

Cannabis and Hemp history

8000 BC East Asians used hemp to reinforce pottery and for diet.

2737 BC Chinese Emporer Shen Nung used cannabis as medecine.

2000 BC Indians used edible cannabis. (Bhang)

1500 BC Cannabis grown in China for food and fibre.

1213 BC Egyptians used cannabis as health remedy.

600 BC Hemp rope use started in Russia.

200 BC Greeks used cannabis for health ailments.

100 BC China invented hemp paper.

100 AD Hemp rope imported to England.

130 AD Greek doctor Galen prescribed medical marijuana.

570 AD Queen Arnegunde buried in hemp cloth.

850 AD Vikings transported hemp rope and seeds to Iceland.

1000 AD Hemp ropes appeared on Italian ships.

1300 AD Cannabis used in Africa.

1533 AD Henry V111 fined farmers with over 60 acres who did not grow hemp.

1600 AD England imported hemp from Russia.

1611 AD Jamestown settlers started growing hemp.

1850 AD Cannabis addes to USA pharmacopeia.

1910 AD Cannabis introduced to USA by Mexican immigrants.

1913 AD Harrison act restricted cannabis use in USA.

1914 AD California the first state to ban cannabis use.

1937 AD Marijuana Tax Act passed because of lies and lobbying.

1942 AD Cannabis removed from USA pharmacopeia.

1964 AD Endocannabinoid system discovered by Dr Ralph Mechaulam.

1970 AD Controlled Substances Act made cannabis a schedule 1 drug.

1988 Cannabinoid receptors discovered by Allyn Howlett and William Devane.

2019 Hemp Farm Bill passed in USA.

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