What can Hemp make?

What can Hemp make?

* Cooking and salad oil

* Seeds for cereal bars

* Hemp oil in cosmetics and medecines

* Hemp beer

* Carbon neutral Hempcrete for building blocks

* Compressed shiv for building grade fibreboard and log burner briquettes

* Fishing bait

* Ropes, mattress fillings, clothing, carpets,

* Loft insulation, car components

* Industrial paints and printing inks

* High grade papers with wet strength bank notes, hand towels, tissues

* CBD oils, cbd creams, cbd massage balms, cbd capsules, cbd Gummy Bears

Post Covid the UK will need new job opportunities and the Government will need tax revenue. Instead of being left behind by more enlightened countries such as Germany and Israel. The UK governement needs to get behind the Hemp industry instead of pouring money down blackholes.