CBD LIfe 1000mg Spray



1000mg CBD per 10ml

1 Spray = 12.5mg CBD

Easy to use CBD spray

Spray required dosage under your tongue and hold for 1-2 minutes before swallowing. It can be taken with or without food but preferably before a meal as it might lower your blood sugar.

The absorption under the tongue through capillaries allows the CBD to get directly into the bloodstream. CBD Life oil is natural, rich and non-toxic.

The full hemp extract which has been Co2 extracted into MCT oil to give a high quality and effective product. The use of a full extract is much more benificial than using extracts that have been distilled/dewaxed as this process can damage the natural terpenes.

Dosage can vary with every customer because everyones body is different. Some find they will get a tolerance to CBD after prolonged use therefore the dosage may have to be increased over time. Consumption of 10-20mg of CBD per day is the average. Please do not go over the 200mg food supplement daily limit.

Ingredients: Full Co2 Hemp Extract, MCT Oil

Warning: Since this is made with a full spectrum hemp extract, there will be traces of THC in this product. In some cases this can cause a failure on drug tests for THC. This result is sometimes referred to as a ‘false positive’ similar to consuming poppy seeds. Please be aware of this before purchasing.

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